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Standard Capital Corporation provides innovative and competitive leasing & loan programs from equipment costs up to $5 million. Our vendor based programs are supported by a staff of finance professionals with 30 years experience. Our ability to provide sales based solutions for your customers is unsurpassed.


Making the right choice gives you a competitive edge. That's why there's Standard Capital Corporation. Our dedication allows us to achieve the highest levels of customer support in today's extremely competitive market. We set the highest standard in equipment finance. 

We can help your business acquire the financing you need to stay relevant, be competitive and more importantly increase profitability. We have been focused in the medical industry for 30 years providing financing to doctors and medspa owners, working with the top vendors in the Aesthetic and Medical space, but we can and do finance other equipment as well- we can help ANY US based business get financed for ANY equipment- NEW or USED, working capital, do a renovation or addition, franchise opportunities, and more. If you need access to funds for ANYTHING related to your business contact us today- We can help!

DON'T FORGET- when you purchase new or used equipment you get a significant tax deduction called Section 179- with every application we include the amount you can expect to receive in both the Section 179 deduction and the Bonus Depreciation Deduction which is at 100% for 2022. The bonus depreciation deduction will drop by 20% every year until it ends- starting in 2023 it will be 80%, 2024 60%, 2025 40% and 2026 20%- to maximize your tax benefit consider making any big purchases before the end of 2022 so you can deduct 100% of the cost. 

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Exceptional Service & Expertise


Our network of branch offices are staffed by experienced and professional sales representatives and support personnel dedicated to providing the programs and services which assist your sales and marketing efforts.

Flexible, Customized Programs


Our ability to create unique and marketing specific leasing strategies are the hallmark of our Leasing program. We understand that our vendor clients conduct business in an extremely competitive environment and our programs can provide the competitive edge that differentiates your business and products.


Equipment Diversity


From cutting edge medical equipment, office furniture and machinery and general production equipment, Standard Capital Corporation is your number one source for any equipment type. Our dedicated asset managers are able to understand all types of machinery and equipment and provide the very best financial programs for each class of equipment.

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