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Types of Financing We Offer

Real Estate Programs


Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out, Fix & Flip, Construction

Property Types: 

Single Family home, Multi-family home, Mixed- use, Office, Retail, Land 

Loan Amount: $50,000 & up

Loan to Value: up to 75%

Terms: up to 30 years

Interest Rate: Varies 

Equipment Finance

Purchase or lease the equipment of your choice

Equipment Types: 

Any kind of equipment- new or used.

Loan Amount: $5,000 to 5M

APP Only: up to 300k

Terms: up to 84 months

Interest Rate: starting at 5.5%

FICO: 550 minimum

SBA Loans

Loans backed by the Small Business Association- which are paid out to you to use as you see fit for your business, such as debt consolidation, acquisitions, improvements, franchise financing and more. SBA loans can take 3+ months to get funding, or you can apply for the BOLT SBA loan which is a quick version that only takes a few weeks for up to 150k.

Types of SBA loans: SBA 7a, SBA 504 & BOLT SBA loans

Interest Rate: Varies 

Amount: up to 5M

Asset-Based Loans

Use your business assets to receive financing usually in the form of a line of credit. Leverage real estate, inventory, some kinds of machinery and equipment, or accounts receivable, to get financing.


Annual Revenue: 500k+

Time in Business Required: 3 years

Interest Rate: Varies depending on the asset and credit.

Working Capital

Cash loan paid to you to use as you want- amount is based on business revenue. You will need to show 3-6 months of business bank statements to determine amount approved for. 


Amount: $10,000 to 5M 

Time in Business Required: 6 months

Interest Rate: Varies 

Term: 6-24 months

Line of Credit

Access to funds to use as needed similar to a credit card with a credit limit that is determined by the business gross revenue. 


Amount: up to 1MM 

Time in Business Required: 6 months

Interest Rate: Varies  

Term: Revolving line of credit

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