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Standard Capital explains the Benefits of Leasing Equipment

Leasing Tax Benefits

Standard Capital leases can be structured so that it may have certain tax advantages over the other forms of equipment acquisition methods.


Leasing Improves Return on Assets

Return on assets (investment or equity) frequently is used as a standard of profit center evaluation. Leasing will have a positive effect when compared to ownership.


Tax Advantages

For example, lease payments with Standard Capital, unlike loan payments are sometimes fully tax deductible. With the new tax laws, some previous depreciation advantages of ownership are becoming far less attractive when compared to the benefits of leasing. Certain types of leases are viewed as preferable by accountants to avoid Alternative Minimum Tax Liability. Each company should discuss its tax situation with a tax advisor.


Improved Depreciation

Purchasing of equipment causes the user to incur a cost recovery expense which is called depreciation expense. In cases where the "lease cost recovery" is over a shorter term (less than 5 years) than standard "MACRS depreciation", a tax benefit is created that favors leasing.


Financial Reporting Advantages

When compared to a loan for the purchase of equipment, the use of leasing with Standard Capital will affect the balance sheet as leases typically do not appear on the lessee's balance sheet as either assets or liabilities.




Benefits to Customers working with Standard Capital

100% Financing

Standard Capital Corporation only requires the first and last monthly payments in advance.


Tax Savings

Some lease payments are fully deductible for tax purposes, which result in a lower after tax cost of capital.


Preserve Working Capital

Leasing with Standard Capital allows the customer to retain cash for current needs or other investment opportunities.


Conserves Credit Lines

By leasing equipment with Standard Capital, the customer can maintain available lines of credit at other financial institutions for emergency needs or other cash flow purposes.


Immediate Return on Investment

Profit from the utilization of equipment with a very nominal up-front cost.


Simplifies Bookkeeping Procedures

If a lease is structured so that lease payments are fully tax deductible, there's no need for cumbersome depreciation or amortization schedules which separate the principle and interest- as with a loan or an EFA only the interest is tax deductible.


Acts as a Hedge Against Inflation

Lease payments are fixed over the term of the lease end and, therefore, are not subject to any inflationary increases. The net cost of the lease will actually decrease relative to revenues, which will increase during inflationary times.


Overcoming Budget Limitations

Organizations restricted to a yearly capital budget are able to acquire additionally needed equipment with affordable monthly or quarterly rental payments.


Standard Capital Corporation's Lease Line

As a Standard Capital Lease Line member, your customer can expect automatic credit line increases and benefits such as special promotions and advantageous upgrade capabilities.




Benefits to Sales Representatives working with Standard Capital

Overcomes the Dollar Barrier Associated with Retail Cost

Leasing with Standard Capital provides the ability to reduce the total cost of an equipment acquisition to a convenient monthly payment. Since cost is usually the primary objection raised in the closing cycle, the utilization of a leasing program easily allows the sales representative to overcome this specific hurdle.


Cost Justifies Equipment

The utilization of equipment either produces income or generates savings for a company. Reducing the acquisition to a monthly payment can dramatically demonstrate the revenue and / or savings for the business and is a very effective closing tool.


Increase the Size of your Order

With Standard Capital's convenient add on and upgrade policy, the customer can continue to enhance the original equipment acquisition which has the effect of building repeat sales. With the Standard Capital Consolidated payment plan, the customer makes one convenient payment to cover all these schedules.


Brings Out Objections for a Trial Close

Leasing with Standard Capital can be used as a trial close when offering equipment with a "cash or lease" alternative, rather than a buy or not to buy option.


Builds Repeat Sales

Once a customer leases through Standard Capital Corporation, a dealer representative will be advised of any additional credit lines available to the customer for future purchases.


Quicker Close/Shorter Sales Cycles

With Standard Capital Corporation's self write lease program, you'll be able to complete an order in the prospect's office and shorten your sales cycle by eliminating needless follow-up for payment terms.




Benefits for Vendors working with Standard Capital

Rapid Credit Decisions

Standard Capital Corporation delivers the quick turnaround on credit decisions that is so important to vendors. Ordinarily, credit applications are processed within 6 business hours. We have the capability of handling "rush" transactions and, for Lease Line clients, can provide virtually instantaneous decisions.


Immediate Invoice Payments

Invoices are paid immediately upon receipt of verification of delivery and installation. Certain qualified vendors can participate in Standard Capital's advanced funding program which alleviates the requirement to tie your working capital.


Self-Write Lease Form

This simple document provides the closing tool that allows transactions to be signed on the spot, eliminating potential paperwork delays that contribute to buyers remorse and lost deals.


Competitive Rate Structure

Standard Capital Corporation offers rates which are among the most competitive available in the leasing industry. We have lease terms from one to five years as part of our standard program.


Flexible Payment Structures

Innovative payment plans include deferred payment options of up to 180 days- Standard Capital offers deferrals of 3 or 6 months.


Toll-Free Assistance

Your Account Executive or Sales Coordinator can be reached 24/7 via a convenient toll free 800 number or by texting or calling their personal cell phone number.


Computer Assisted Sales Staff

Standard Capital Corporation is able to provide you with the current status on any of your accounts. (Please contact your Account Executive or Sales Coordinator for assistance). This can prove helpful when credit lines have been established to assist in your future sales.


Standard Capital Lease Line

This program offered to Standard Capitals partner vendors reserves credit lines for your customers beyond the amount of the initial transaction. This proves invaluable when upgrading or adding equipment since the customer is already pre-approved and any additional credit processing is eliminated.

Vendors looking to offer financing to their customers with Standard Capital should click the button below to get started working with us. 

Customers looking to get financing for equipment or anything else should click the button below- applying with Standard Capital does not negatively impact your credit score. 

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